The Advantages of 3D Printing with Orion 3DS
Discover the benefits 3D printing can offer your business

less wasted material
reduced product costs
cheaper transportation
reduced environmental impact
replaceable parts
longer product lifespan
unlimited customization
endless possibilities
on-demand production
supply meets demand
quality and durability
new methods, traditional excellence

Orion 3D Solutions will propel your business forward

Through customized service and rapid prototyping, we ensure the success of your business with individualized solutions and the latest in 3D printing technology. From architectural models for houses and building projects, to medical models including dental, orthodontic and podiatric applications, Orion 3D Solutions makes it easy to streamline production. By eliminating the traditional design process, we make it easy to create custom parts and scaled models to suit your every need. Save time and money by creating functional 3D models with the help of Orion 3D Solutions. Easily make changes to prototypes and connect with your customers like never before through the innovation of 3D printing.